Cracked, smashed, dead, not turning on, battery issues, not charging, water damage, motherboard damage,

Cracked, smashed, dead, not turning on, battery issues, not charging, water damage, motherboard damage, bend iPhones, software issues.. YOU NAME IT WE FIX IT..

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Gadget Hospital Lismore

Lismore Central

44 Carrington St, LISMORE


We service LIsmore, Casino, Kyogle, and the whole Northern Rivers Region


We have gone BONKERS with Repairs

Repairs Repair Repairs.. we have gone bonkers with repairs..
Laptops Smashed Screen, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Software, Motherboard repairs, hard drive failure, data recovery, power issues, getting too hot, keyboard issues, cracked screen, broken lcd, fuzzy screen, poor wifi, not picking up internet, not turning on, blue screen, virus clean,
And then there are the smartphones Sony Xperia Z, Z3 Compacts, Sony xperia Z, Z3, huawei screen repairs, that right we are now doing the huawei screens, iPhone 6 screen repair, samsung galaxy s3 glass replacement, galaxy glass repair, iPhone 6 rear camera repair, iPad mini screen repair, iPhone 5s screen repair, iPhone repair, iPhone smashed screen and broken lcd, broken lcd iPhone, samsung tab screen repair, samsung tab lcd repair, hp laptop service, macbook
laptop service,
Gadget Hospital Burleigh Heads,
We service the Burleigh Heads, Palm Beach, Mermaid, Pacific Fair, Robina, Varsity Lakes, Varsity, Tweed Heads, Tweed, Coolangatta the whole Gold Coast area.
PH: 0487 365578

Repairs Repairs Repairs

Repairs Repair Repairs..
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Gadget Hospital Lismore
Lismore Central
44 Carrington St, Lismore
0456 246864

We service Lismore, Casino, Aulstenville, Evans Head, Lennox, Yamba, Grafton, Lismore Square, Tenterfield, Glenn Innes, Maclean, Angourie and the whole Nothern Rivers Region

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Have a look at some of Gadget Hospital’s repairs:


iPhone 5S Screen Damage, Samsung Galaxy Repairs, iPad and iPad mini Screen replacements, iPhone 4 Screen repair, Sony Xperia Screen replacement.

We service Lismore, Casino, Kyogle, Lismore Square, Larnook, The Channon

For on the spot gadget repairs while you wait, call:

0456 246864 or PM your inquiry.

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Frantic Friday!

Today’s repairs: iPhone 5C Smashed Screen, iPhone 5 Charge Port, HTC 1 Cracked Screen, HTC 1 Screen Graphics Repair, Apple iPhone Battery, iPhone 4 Screen Repair, iPhone 5S Screen Repair, iPhone 4S Sim Card Issues, Acer Laptop Repair, Macbook Screen Repair.
We service Lismore, Casino, Kyogle, Lismore Square, Larnook, The Channon
For on the spot gadget repairs while you wait, call:
0456 246864 or PM your inquiry.

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Tough Day Thursday @ Gadget Hospital

Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad, iMac… Wont turn on, more like iDontKnow..

Blackberry Blown a gasket… Nokia being Naughty…

HTC Hot under the collar… LG Losing it..

Samsung being Silly.. your Sony Sucking it and not doing the Sony thing..

Laptop being Looooopy…

Had a cheap Assssssss repair done elsewhere, screen lifting.. did they tell you they put in a new battery and not working, told you you got a charge port but it seems worse…

Hmmm YOU PROBABLY DIDNT GET ANYTHING OR U GOT AN OLD PART.. They not taking you call now.. can’t get hold of them..

Basically your device not working or giving you grief..

Check out some of the miracles we performed on Whacky Wednesday…

Apple iPhone 5S.. back from the dead.. actually there was 2..

Apple iPhone 5S showing charging but not actually charging…

iPad gone.. but not forgotten..




A Tip from the now Customer Proclaimed GADGET GOD !!!

People.. People.. yes that YOU.. BACK UP YOUR PHONE..

Do it… maybe not today.. maybe not tomorrow. but you want to keep your precious data n photos safe.. over the next week we will give you tips on best backup options for each brand..

Got a question… got a query.. give us a buzz… 1300 551691

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